Women’s Health and Pysiotherapy

Our Women’s Health Services

We can help treat and manage a variety of issues that arise for women, such as:

  • Urinary leakage due to sport, exercise, coughing, sneezing and laughing
  • Sudden urges to go to the toilet
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Pelvic girdle and back pain associated with pregnancy
  • Core stability
  • Pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions and safe exercises
  • Coccygeal pain

Our Sister Location in Rydalmere

At Head 2 Toe, we have a physiotherapist dedicated to providing women’s health services in Rydalmere. We understand that women want a dedicated specialist to look after their needs, especially one who understands the female body completely.

The female body goes through many changes in a woman’s life, from adolescence through to menopause, and beyond. We offer women’s health physiotherapy at our Parramatta location for management of the pelvic floor, surrounding structures and other conditions. We also have a sister location at in Rydalmere, if that location suits better.

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