H2T Allied Health

Occupational therapists (OTs) at Head 2 Toe support individuals facing challenges that affect their daily activities or “occupations.” For children, whose main job is play, OTs help them develop crucial interaction and learning skills. As children grow into teenagers, OTs assist in exploring identities, interests, and future plans. If a child struggles with self-care, play, socialising, or learning, our OTs identify the obstacles and collaborate with families for effective solutions. Our approach encompasses two main intervention strategies to ensure successful participation in daily life.

Head 2 Toe’s psychologists specialize in evaluating and treating mental health issues across all ages, adopting a holistic and collaborative method. We prioritize working closely with our allied health team to ensure effective, efficient care. Initial consultations with parents alone facilitate open discussions about their child’s needs, followed by tailored assessment and treatment plans. We emphasise ongoing collaboration with families to meet clinical and personal goals.

Head 2 Toe’s Paediatric Physiotherapy services cater to children’s unique needs. Our specialized therapists utilize playful techniques to enhance movement, motor skills, and independence, fostering healthy development and empowering children to reach their full potential.

Music therapy at Head 2 Toe offers a harmonious approach to healing. Our certified therapists utilize the power of music to address emotional, physical, and cognitive needs, promoting well-being and fostering self-expression in individuals of all ages.

At Head 2 Toe, our Speech Pathologists specialise in evaluating and addressing communication issues in children, including challenges with articulation, language, voice, and feeding/swallowing difficulties.

Head 2 Toe’s Women’s Health and Physiotherapy allied health service specializes in addressing women’s unique needs. Our expert physiotherapists offer personalized care for conditions like pelvic floor dysfunction and prenatal/postnatal care. With a holistic approach, we empower women to achieve optimal function and well-being at every stage of life.

Head 2 Toe’s School Holiday Group Programs offer enriching experiences for children during breaks. Our diverse range of activities promotes social skills, creativity, and physical activity, fostering holistic development in a fun and supportive environment.

At H2T Paediatric Allied Health, our commitment to comprehensive care extends beyond mere treatment – we prioritize personalized interventions tailored to each child’s unique needs. With a holistic approach, we aim not only to address specific health concerns but also to nurture overall well-being. Our team recognizes that every child is different, and as such, we strive to create individualized plans that consider not just their medical needs but also their emotional and developmental requirements.

Health Care that ACTUALLY Cares

At H2T Allied Health, we prioritize holistic care, providing tailored interventions to enhance wellness and support individuals along their path to better health.