Short-Term Accommodation

Both MTA and STA

At Head 2 Toe CARE, we understand the importance of providing flexible accommodation options to individuals with disabilities, which is why we offer both short-term accommodation (STA) and medium-term accommodation (MTA) services. Our STA services provide individuals with a temporary place to stay, whether it’s for respite purposes or during transitional periods.


Comfortable Accommodation

With comfortable and accessible accommodations, our clients can enjoy a safe and supportive environment while receiving the care they need. Additionally, our MTA services offer a longer-term solution for individuals who require a stable living arrangement for a medium duration. These accommodations are designed to promote independence and self-sufficiency, providing individuals with the support they need to thrive in their daily lives.

No Stress!

Whether it’s short-term or medium-term accommodation, Head 2 Toe CARE is dedicated to ensuring that individuals with disabilities have access to safe, comfortable, and supportive living environments that meet their unique needs and preferences.

Embark on a journey of comfort and support with Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) at Head 2 Toe Care. Tailored to individuals with disabilities, our personalized solutions create a nurturing environment for extended stays, promoting independence and holistic well-being.

Through our comprehensive approach, we strive to empower individuals to thrive in their temporary living arrangements, ensuring that they receive the care and support needed to lead fulfilling lives during their stay with us.


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